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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Being Watson

Consider this a kind of post-script for Monday's post about Dr. Watson.

Recently I've discovered and enjoyed the mystery novels of the American writer Michael Connelly. In the book The Overlook (2006), I read the following passage over the weekend:

"See anything yet, Sherlock?" Ferras asked.

Bosch looked up at him. His partner was smiling. Bosch didn't smile back, deciding that now he couldn't even use the magnifying glass in front of his own partner without getting ripped.

"Not yet, Watson," he said.

He thought that might keep Ferras quiet. Nobody wanted to be Watson.
I beg to differ! I would love to be Watson. I know that I could never be Holmes, but how wonderful it would be to be at his side as his loyal friend. In fact, the desire to do so is what led me to write my radio play, "The Wrong Cab," which is included in Baker Street Beat.

Would you like to be Dr. Watson?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I think I would. The only problem is I'm a bit like Holmes personality-wise so he'd get on my nerves too quickly. I wouldn't have the patience and tolerance required of Watson. So, yes, it'd be great fun but I'd be a terrible Watson!