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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Portguese Review

In case you didn't see it over on my Facebook Fan Page, here's what my fan Nuno Robles of Lisbon, Portugal (whom I've never met) wrote on my wall about Holmes Sweet Holmes:
"Holmes Sweet Holmes" is a great great book! I loved "No Police Like Holmes"...! Well, i loved "Holmes Sweet Holmes" even more. Thank you Dan! You made my week. You most probably made my year! Can't wait for the following McCabe / Cody adventure. With this one i laughed, i smiled and, mostly, i stayed awake reading it because i couldn't let it go. The story is fantastic. The characters are familiar already. And the academic environment is very well described. I'd love to visit one day, actually :)

I still find the Holmes references and logic highly amusing. Mac's a Sherlockian. Jeff is a Sherlockian too, although he does seem to have some reluctance in admitting it. Or so it seems to me. With these first two books (not counting with the first book of Holmesian writings) you've created a great, mysterious, fascinating and familiar (it seems we could be there ourselves...) universe that i honestly hope will continue for many volumes in the (very near) future. The campus, the characters, the holmes references....all that, they all part of a fictional universe you've created and with which i highly identify with. Great book(s) indeed. Why did i like this last one more? I don't know. As i said, i loved them both. But maybe the sharp and sometimes dark humour of your writing is even more present in "Holmes Sweet Holmes". Loved that!

Favourite quotes:
- "It's like playing Russian Roulette with an automatic"
- "He looked like a beatnick who'd gotten lost on his way to 1960"

Thank you Dan. I really had fun reading your book. Thank you for that. Excuse my poor english and even poorer gramatic skills (Mac wouldn't aproove this) but i couldn't let the opportunity of expressing my feelings pass.

Now, when will be the next book available...?
(Answer: November 1, 2012!)

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