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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Fond Look Back

We are blessed in this new Golden Age of Sherlockiana to be flooded with great new books every month. My own publisher, MX Publishing, is a great contributor to that. But the Spring 1991 catalogue from Gaslight Publications shows that more than 20 years ago there were some excellent books, too.

Here's a sampling of the catalogue's offerings from a host of different publishers, which I just found in my files:
  • The Illustrious Client's Fourth Casebook, edited by Steven T. Doyle, William A. Barton and Mark Gagen
  • The Original Illustrated STRAND Sherlock Holmes.
  • Dining with Sherlock Holmes: A Baker Street Cookbook, by Julia Carlson Rosenblatt and Frederic H.Sonnenschmidt
  • The Standard Doyle Company: Christopher Morley on Sherlock Holmes, edited and with an introduction by Steven Rothman.
  • Good Night, Mr. Holmes, by Carole Nelson Douglas.
  • Schlock Homes: The Complete Bagel Street Saga, by Robert L. Fish.
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Published Apocrypha, selected and edited by Jack Tracy.
  • A Study in Surmise: The Making of Sherlock Holmes, by Michael Harrison; introduction by Ellery Queen. 
  • Subcutaneously, My Dear Watson: Sherlock Holmes and the Cocaine Habit, by Jack Tracy with Jim Berkey. 
  • Nova 57: The Waxing and Waning of the Sixty-First Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, by Jon L. Lellenberg.
 Those are some great books. How many of them do I have in my library? Most of them. But not enough!

What are you favorite not-so-new books about Sherlock Holmes? 

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