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Monday, October 1, 2012

"My blushes, Watson!"

Nuno Robles, of Lisban, Portugal, sent me a review of The 1895 Murder that I can't help sharing. Nuno was a fan of the first two Sebastian McCabre and Jeff Cody books. Here's what he wrote about their latest adventure:  
My friend, because of you I haven't slept last night. I've started the book and didn't stop until I finished reading it.

What a great book it is. The series is getting better with each book and it's great to be reading another adventure of Mac and Jeff. It's like going home and seeing the family after some time out.

I not only loved the story and the way it develops (I could never predict the end until the hypnotism part!!) and I really like your writing. The humour is always there, which is a thing that I really appreciate in your writing...and the characters are great as always...like i told you...it's like family now...

Although I loved the previous books (and you know I did) this one is, in my opinion even better. You can't stop reading it, chapter after chapter...and I feel that the way you end each chapter is really something different and special. You just can't put the book down and go to sleep.

Now i'm going to sleep....thank you Dan! You've done it again!
The scariest thing in any published writer's mind is that the latest work may never live up to the standard of the previous. So, Nuno's letter is the kind that writers live for. Thanks, Nuno. 

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