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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Opening of the Sherlock Holmes Pub

A nigh-time view of The Sherlock Holmes

It's hard for me to believe that there was ever not a Sherlock Holmes Pub at 10 Northumberland Street, London. But, in point of fact, that fine establishment opened on December 12, 1958.

The great Sherlockian Vincent Starrett, writing in his "Books Alive" column in The Chicago Sunday Tribune on January 12, 1958, wrote in part:
The numerous admirers of a certain indestructible detective will be charmed to know that a Sherlock Holmes "pub" has been opened with considerable fanfare in Northumberland Street, London -- the second best Sherlockian neighborhood in the metropolis -- and has proved a great success. Conan Doyle's daughter and daughter-in-law represented the author's family, and there was a really notable gathering of writers, critics, detectives and actors.
Among those present were S.C. Roberts, a famous Holmesian, and "Fabian of the Yard," a well known police official of the day. Oh, to have been there!

But I consider myself fortunate to have dined at the Sherlock Holmes Pub in excellent company on both of my trips to London in more recent days. The food is good and not overpriced. The atmosphere is heavenly.

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