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Friday, May 17, 2013

Two Years on the Beat

I've been on the Baker Street beat for two years this month.

That's how long I've writing this blog as a kind of continuation of the book of the same name. Most weeks I post here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes I throw in an extra. On that schedule I have produced 366 blog posts.

I'll keep at it as long as I can, sharing book reviews, accounts of my own Sherlockian adventures, and thoughts about the Canon. But I'm not sure I can continue doing it at the same pace. I've already depleted 40 years worth of files that I have collected on Mr. Sherlock Holmes, going back to that particular well again and again for blog material.

And besides the blog, I have this little side business of writing mystery novels. I've published four in the past two years, with the fifth scheduled for publication next month and a collection of shorter mystery fiction already completed.

So expect to find new material here at Baker Street Beat with some frequency, but possibly not always three times a week. We'll see. I do expect to keep writing at least once a day at www.facebook.com/DanAndriaccoMysteries, however. If you're on Facebook, be sure you've "Liked" that page. 

Meanwhile, I'm anxiously awaying the end of always 1895's spring break. The wonderful blog went on temporary hiatus at the beginning of April and has not yet returned. Through the energies of Matt Laffey, the proprietor, it was a kind of news aggregator for all things Sherlockian. It was one of the ways I kept up with what's new in the world of Sherlock Holmes. I miss it very much!

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