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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Could Be More Fun?

Books, anyone?

What could be more fun than doing what you like and talking about what you like with people you like?


That was the enviable position I was in on the evening of Friday, June 7, and all of Saturday, June 8, at A Scintillation of Scions VI in Hanover, MD. As part of an amazing lineup of Sherlockian all-stars (follow the link for the list), I gave a talk on "A Most Valuable Institution: How Sherlock Holmes Used the Press." But that was only part of the fun. 

As with any conference, no matter how good the talks -- and these were uniformly excellent --socializing is a big part of the attraction. Ann and I had the opportunity to hang around with my co-author, Kieren McMullen, and many other old and new friends. I also sold a few of my books as an exhibitor. Other exhibitors offered a wide variety of books and Sherlockian products. 

The point of this blog post is not "What I did on My Long Weekend." I want to encourage you, if you've never been to a Sherlockian confab, to go to one. The chance to share your obsession with others similarly infected is just too good to miss.

A Scintillation of Scions VII will be about the same time next year, and I can certainly recommend it. The program has grown steadily in reputation and in attendance (104 this year), Organizer Jacquelynn Bost Morris, undoubtedly with much help, does an amazine job. But there are other good programs out there, too. Check them out.

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