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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hurray for The John H. Watson Society

Dr. John H. Wason, M.D.

Anyone who has followed this blog even casually since its launch a little more than two years ago cannot help but know that I am a great admirer of Sherlock Holmes's faithful Dr. Watson. In that I am far from alone.

Therefore, I'm pleased to announce that the John H. Watson Watson Society was formed on April 11, and that I have become a charter member with the society name of "Dutch." (Most of the society names are canine, in honor of Dr. Watson's mysterious "bull-pup," which was probably not a dog at all.)

As of July 4, the Society had already attracted 50 members in its first 84 days. Not surprisingly, many of them are distinguished Sherlockians whose names you might recognize. For as I wrote here in January 2012, "I don't think I've ever met a Sherlockian or Holmesian who couldn't be called a Watsonian as well."g Chai
Prof. Donald A. Yates, BSI, the Founding Chair, has articulated a stirring vision for the growth and purposes of The John H. Watson Society:
The Society should seek to keep forever green the name, reputation and writing of John H. Watson, M.D., the biographer and partner of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. We believe Dr. Watson represents fertile ground for continuing research into the Sacred Canon, his relationship with Mr. Holmes, and his personal life by established Watsonian and Sherlockian scholars and by all who seek to participate in the future study and perpetuation of The Game.

The Society should also seek to introduce young people to the writings of Dr. Watson and to the fellowship of Watsonians and Sherlockians. We believe the future of Canonical scholarship and fellowship of The Game reside, of course, with the young and that we have a duty to nurture the future passion and love for 221B Baker Street and 1895 London through the passing on of our life-long passion and love to a constantly renewing generation.

The Society should seek to fulfill these two objectives by the provision of a journal--The Watsonian--that offers present and future Watsonians and Sherlockians an outlet for scholarly and creative writing of all types. Awards and prizes by the Society should be made available to develop a sense of  accomplishment and recognition in authors of of all ages, but particularly the young Watsonians and Sherlockians of the coming generations.

The Society should also seek to tangibly pass our beloved literature to tomorrow's enthusiasts by purchasing copies of The Complete Sherlock Holmes to give to young readers, schools and libraries.Keeping the memory green begins with reading, and it is reading  that nurtures the affection and scholarly interest that will assure that Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street scene will continue to endure, just as they have now for more than a century.
You can learn more by visiting the Society's website, and I urge you to do so.

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