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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two Thumbs up for Phillimore

The District Messenger, newsletter of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, has just published a highly favorable review of The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore, the fourth novel in my Sebastian McCabe - Jeff Cody mystery series. Here it is in its entirety.  

The new novel by Dan Andriacco, however, is entirely to my taste. The Disappearance of Mr James Phillimore (£9.99) brings Sebastian McCabe, Jeff Cody and Lynda Teal from Erin, Ohio to London. McCabe has been challenged to a debate, Holmes vs Dupin; Jeff and Lynda are on their honeymoon, but they’re inevitably drawn in when a distinguished Holmesian collector disappears. His name is James Phillimore, and he vanishes in just the way that his fictional namesake did, stepping back into his house to retrieve his umbrella. Perhaps for the first time, Sebastian McCabe finds himself up against a real deadly enemy, one who sees himself as a real-life Moriarty. The book actually gives us two separate mysteries on the same theme. Within the present-day narrative is a fine Sherlock Holmes pastiche, ‘The Magic Umbrella’, which may just be relevant to the disappearance of the real James Phillimore. And there’s a bonus: Jeff and Lynda spent the earlier part of their honeymoon in Rome, where Lynda solved the curious case of the Vatican Cameos. Dr Andriacco’s writing, as always, is witty and assured. Jeff, Lynda and Sebastian are people you’d truly want to meet.

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