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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Different Kind of Quiz Book

One of the most time-honored Sherlockian amusements is testing our knowledge of the Canon with puzzles and quizzes. 

Frank Morley, one of Christopher's two brothers, created a Sherlock Holmes crossword puzzle in 1934 as an entrance test for the Baker Street Irregulars.The grand tradition continues today with almost every meeting of a Baker Street Irregulars scion society including an excruciating quiz as part of the entertainment.

I have written here about Kathleen Kaska's excellent Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book and Ruth Lake Tepper's Sherlock Holmes Crossword Puzzle Book. But The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book by Andrew Murray offers a new wrinkle. Murray doesn't limit himself to the Canon in his 100 quizzes; he also devotes some to the new incarnations of Holmes in popular culture.

In the introduction, Murray writes: 
"Who's the greatest Sherlock? For myself it depends on my thirst of the moment: if I'm craving a swig of Holmes Classic, then I'll unscrew a bottle of Brett; if I'm in the mood for an illicit brew, full of all sorts of war-time additives, then I'll dust down a vintage Rathbone '42; but if I want a Holmes that fizzes on my tongue and froths in my nostrils and makes me feel alive, right now, then I'll order a triple-shot Cumberbachaccino from Speedy's Cafe."
All are represented in this quiz book, and Robert Downey Jr. besides.

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