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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Three-Ark Problem

Like most avid readers, I have a large "to read" pile. Often, when I finally get to a book that has been long on the stack, I think to myself, "Why did I wait so long?" Such was the case with Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Giant Moles.

This is the third in a fine trilogy of books about an adolescent Winston Churchill under the care of Holmes and Watson at Baker Street. Like the first two, it's a fun and fine read. There are (spoiler) no giant moles, despite the holes that make it look like there are. But there are three intriguing storylines united in the end, and three kinds of ark. You might call this a three-ark problem.

Watson is more rebellious and the humor even pawkier than in the Canon, which makes for a lot of fun. For example:

              I sniffed. "You should be on the boards, Holmes. You have a flair for the dramatic."
              "My Hamlet was very well received at school."
              "I was thinking more of amateur conjuring at the music hall."

In addition to humor, there is a lot of good action, including a scene in a hot air balloon.

A number of familiar characters from the Canon make their appearance, including young Stamford, Col. Sebastian Moran, and the man Watson refers to as "the General Gordon of crime."    

Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Giant Moles  is available from all good bookstores worldwide including in the USA Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in the UK Amazon, Waterstones . Fans outside the US and UK can get free delivery from Book Depository. In ebook format it is in Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Apple iBooks(iPad/iPhone).

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