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Monday, April 16, 2018

Forward with the Tankerville Club

We flew the flag for a Tankerville Club party 
Over the weekend, I accepted the responsibility of leading the Tankerville Club of Cincinnati, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars. I’m honored and excited!

One of issues yet to be decided is my title. Paul Herbert, BSI, founded the club 41 years ago and led it as Official Secretary until his death in February, as I have recorded previously on this blog. Nobody can fully replace Paul, so I don’t believe that any else should have the Official Secretary title. We’ll come up with another.

About 30 members of the club, many of them long-standing, met to salute Paul’s memory at a party on Saturday. Joel Senter, of Classic Specialties and the Sherlockian E-Times, rightly called Paul “a legend.”

Member John Bloomstrom proposed a toast that saluted Paul’s well-known penchant for unsolvable quizzes: 
We’re here to toast a Sherlockian whiz,Who loved nothing better than a devilish quiz.You could read the Canon multiple times,But his questions rarely referenced the crimes.You could argue for points, or act like a jerk,The best you could do was get Paul to smirk.Puns, songs, and references to all things oddWhere carefully crafted simply to get your panties in a wad.So raise you glass and taste the fizz,Let’s savor the times we cursed that damn quiz.

I can’t compete with Paul Herbert’s quizzes. I won’t even try. But I will do my best to see that we continue to have a lot of fun with Sherlock Holmes in the Tankerville Club. 


  1. Very nice flag. Whee do I get one for MY little band of sleuths?

    Larry Gillis, (Tantalus), Cape Coral FL

  2. Thanks! That flag was sold by Classic Specialties, which is no longer in business. The owners tell us that the company that made it for them is also out of business. We are now checking to see if someone else can do this. I think there would be a desire for it!

  3. Congratulations and best wishes, Dan, as you step forward to help fill the void that was left by Paul's passing. It is quite considerate of your society to retire his "Official" title. There are other secretary designations throughout the Canon, and I would offer my suggestion from the following. MAZA : Home Secretary ; PRIO & LAST : Chief Secretary ; STUD & PRIO : Private Secretary ; NOBL : Under Secretary. I would caution using the latter designation unless said "secretary" is your spouse ... certain legal difficulties might arise if any other person would assume that "position" ! Again on behalf of the Chester Baskerville Society our very best wishes are sent to you and your esteemed society. Cheers!

    1. Thanks very much for the congratulations, the best wishes, and the suggestions for titles! Stay tuned.