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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The (Bow) Ties that Bind

Sebastian McCabe, the protagonist of my primary series of  mystery novels, wears bow ties. I wear bow ties. And now my new business card wears a bow tie, and will make its debut appearance this weekend at the Baker Street Irregulars' "Building an Archive" conference in Bloomington, IN.

Maybe I'm projecting here, but there seems to be a disproportionately high number of bow tie wearing Sherlockians. I have dubbed us His Last Bow, a mythical or perhaps virtual Sherlockian scion society. Ray Betzner very kindly called me the Top Knot. Here are some of us at a meeting of the Sons of the Copper Beeches in Philadelphia on Oct. 25:

Steve Rothman, Ray Betzner, Dan Andriacco, James Reibman, Greg Ruby 
And earlier in the month at the Hounds of the Baskerville (sic) in Chicago:

Andriacco, Carlina de la Cova, Jonathan Shimberg, Don Izban (seated), Bob Sharfman
Earlier still, at the Holmes, Doyle, & Friends symposium in Dayton at the end of March:

Carlina de la Cova, Scott Monty, Monica Schmidt, Andriacco
I've even on occasion (New York in January springs to mind), provided pre-tied bow ties for those who don't normally wear them. So next time we meet, let's be sure to tie one on!


  1. Are there sanctions against anyone who wears a clip-on?

  2. By no means! (The rest of us will just suffer in tolerant silence and be grateful for the gesture of solidarity.)

  3. I found that upon wearing a clip-on (from a well-meaning but misguided spouse of mine) to a formal function, I was offered 1.) To be taught how to tie a bowtie (I know how to tie a bowtie...it's very easy), and 2.) Told that I would be gifted a REAL bowtie (I think I already possess one, but I don't know where it may be). Generally, Sherlockians are nice and helpful, and I found this to be no exception.