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Friday, January 31, 2020

A Sherlockian Journal Called "The Newspapers"

The Baker Street Irregulars is a literary society, and so are the hundreds of BSI scions and other Sherlock Holmes associations. And literary societies tend to create literature in the form of literary journals.

A relatively new group, the Sherlockians of Baltimore, has joined Watson’s Tin Box of Ellicott City, MD, the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota, and the Crew of the Barque Lone Star as scions publishing a volume every year. I picked up The Newspapers: An Irregular Journal of Sherlockiana, Number 3, at Baker Street Irregulars Weekend in New York.

The variety of old and new in this journal is fascinating. There are articles on astronaut Harrison Schmidt taking Holmes to the moon, William Gillette’s last appearance in Baltimore, Holmes on the radio, Rex Stout at the BSI dinners, Sherlockian friendship, and much more. Mike McSwiggin’s touching memoir of his grandparents alone is worth the $20 price of admission.

The journal is edited by Greg D. Ruby, founder of the Sherlockians of Baltimore. (Investitured members are known as Certified SOB’s.)

Originally, I was hoping to get 60 pages of material but nearly doubled that in the first volume,” he said, “and the next two volumes just kept growing to where we were nearly 200 pages. I’ve been very lucky to have several members and friends convert presentations to the written format and sprinkle in some items from old local newspapers.”

The title of the publication honors five great Sherlockians who worked for Baltimore newspapers at various times. That ties into origin of the journal.

“I had seen some interesting feature articles from old local newspapers that had not been seen by many Sherlockians,” Greg said, “and I thought there was a lot of great talent in the area that could also support the project based on some of their presentations at other groups.”

The fourth volume of The Newspapers is due out this summer. learn more about Volume 3 here. 

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