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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020: Annus Horribilus, but Productive

I even worked in virtual bartending for A Scintillation of Scions

 As terrible as 2020 has been, it was also a productive year for me:

Murderer’s Row, a McCabe-Cody casebook made up of three novellas, came out in late September, followed by A Three-Pipe Christmas, which I conceived and edited. My short story, “Done with Mirrors,” appeared earlier in the book Sherlock Holmes and The Great Detectives.

My account of the BSI Weekend appeared on the Baker Street Irregulars website and my toast to The Worst Man in London appeared in the spring issue of Canadian Holmes

I wrote two novels that will be published in 2021 – No Ghosts Need Apply, a McCabe-Cody mystery, and The Sword of Death, a Sherlock Homes pastiche. And plotting on the 2022  McCabe-Cody, to be published around the time of my 70th birthday, is well underway.

In other developments, I advertised on six episodes of the wonderful “I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere” podcast, accepted chairmanship of the Awards Committee of the Beacon Society, and was invited to the Baker Street Irregulars dinner in January.

Writing is often thought of as a solitary occupation, but the journey from idea to printed page could never happen without the help of many, many people other than the writer. For all who have helped to make what I do possible over the past nine years – especially Ann Brauer Andriacco! – I offer my profound thanks and best wishes for a brighter 2021.

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