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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Books on the Square is Worth a Visit

A tiny portion of the Sherlockian fare at Books on the Square

If you ever chance to find yourself near (i.e., two hours or less away from) the west-central Illinois town of Virden, population 3,354, be sure to stop at  Books on the Square. 

The store's flyer tells you that it:

  • Is the largest bookstore in the state, at least south of Springfield;
  • Occupies three contiguous buildings full of books at 153, 157, and 167 E. Jackson Street; 
  • Has more than 50,000 books "reasonably well organized by subjects of all types.

What it doesn't tell you is that hundreds of those books are about Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Many of them belonged to a deceased collector. 

Even a Sherlockian who is not a collector needs to add books to his research library. I did so last Thursday at Books on the Square, spending a delightful hour or so with owners John and Jeannie Alexander. I made a few purchases, which no doubt will find their way onto this blog in coming weeks.

And I will find my way back to Books on the Square sooner rather than later. I think I left behind a few books that want me to buy them.   

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