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The Sebastian McCabe – Jeff Cody Mystery Series 

Mystery writer, magician, Sherlockian, and sleuth-at-large (very large) – that’s Sebastian McCabe.
In the popular series of light-hearted mystery novels launched with No Police Like Holmes, Mac calls on his knowledge of the Great Detective to solve murders from the small town of Erin, Ohio, where he lives, to London, England, where he walks in the footsteps of the Master.
These adventures are shared and chronicled by Mac’s brother-in-law, Thomas Jefferson Cody, an admiring but by no means uncritical “Watson.” As communications director for St. Benignus University, where Mac teaches as a full professor, Jeff is often torn between the demands of his day job and his loyalty to Sebastian McCabe.
Readers say the large cast of other continuing characters, including Jeff’s journalist and novelist wife Lynda, makes each new book feel like a visit home again.
The McCabe-Cody mysteries are packed with Easter eggs for Sherlockians, but enjoyable to anyone who likes engaging characters and solid plotting in the manner of such Golden Age Mystery Greats as Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr, Rex Stout, and Ellery Queen.
The Girl Meets Sherlock blog called No Police Like Holmes “a chocolate bar of a novel – delicious, addictive, and leaves a craving for.”
Best-selling author Bonnie MacBird summed up the whole series when she wrote, “You’re in the hands of a master of mystery plotting here.”

Their Adventures in Order 

No Police Like Holmes
Holmes Sweet Holmes
The 1895 Murder
The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore 
Rogues Gallery
Bookmarked for Murder
Erin Go Bloody
Queen City Corpse
Death Masque
Too Many Clues
Murderers' Row 
No Ghosts Need Apply
The English Garden Mystery

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