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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gillette to Brett III Was Unforgettable!

I didn't attend Gillette to Brett I or II, but after being at III last week I'm looking forward to IV!

This Sherlockian conference on the campus of Indiana University at Bloomington began with a reception Friday night (Nov. 11, shown above) at which I had the great pleasure of meeting Les Klinger, Kieran McMullan, Jaimie N. Mahoney, Darlene McCarty Cohn, and several people who were kind enough to tell me they had read my books.

The talks the next day by Henry Zecher, Tony Earnshaw, Curtis Armstrong, Bert Coules, and Michael Hoey were of remarkably consistent high quality. I regret that we were unable to stay for Saturday evening's presentation of The Seven-Percent Solution, hosted by Nicholas Meyer.

Those of you who are on Twitter can recapture live action reporting of the event by searching #g2b3.

In between talks, I was in the dealer room signing copies of Baker Street Beat and No Police Like Holmes. It was much fun chatting with my readers and future readers.

For all these reasons the weekend was highly memorable for me. I will also long remember being briefly imprisoned in our hotel bathroom by a stuck door on Saturday morning. Thanks again for the rescue, Ann!

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