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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sherlock Clothes? No Sweat!

On Halloween -- weeks ago already! -- I didn't wear a costume, but I did don a Sherlock Holmes sweatshirt to give out candy. It wasn't hard to find one. My Sherlockian sweatshirt collection includes:

* "Sherlock Holmes Pub, London." The illustration of Holmes isn't great, but this shirt has a special place in my heart because a teetotal friend of mine ventured into the pub to buy it for me as Christmas gift. I think of Margaret Richter whenever I wear it.

* A drawing of our deerstalkered hero with pipe and magnifying glass. I believe it was part of a literary series offered by a book club or book store.

* "The Scheming Minds," official shirt of a group of chess-playing Sherlockians. There were different designs. Mine showed a black king against a red silhouette of Holmes as a chess piece, and both on a chess board. The Scheming Minds of Sherlock Holmes was founded by Joel Senter and me. Neither of us plays chess any longer.

* ". . . it is always 1895." The only illustration on this one is a doorway marked 221B.

I also have seven T-shirts, including "The Scheming Minds" again. They range from "A Scandal in Bohemia" to "Sherlock Holmes Dark Porter."

Perhaps my favorite T-shirt is the one that says "Everything I needed to know I learned from Sherlock Holmes." Printed beneath those words are ten quotations from the Master. I haven't used them all as Quintessential Quotes yet . . . but I will.

What's in your closet?

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