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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Time for Thanksgiving

This is, unbelievably, my 100th blog post since I began this gig on May 28. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day in the United States, this is the perfect time to count my blessings.

As a Sherlockian and an author, I am grateful for:
* This season of Sherlock that has brought such new enthusiasm and energy -- not to mention a lot of books and media productions -- to the enjoyment of Sherlock Holmes.

* MX Publishing, which not only published Baker Street Beat, a book of my Sherlockian writings, but also made me a published mystery novelist with No Police Like Holmes. I think they're publishing more Holmes books than anybody else.

* Readers of this blog and my books. Bless you!

* The chance to meet some of my readers at Books by the Banks and Gillette to Brett III. That was a real thrill.

* The many positive reviews I have received for both books. I will always cherish the one from Nuno in Portugal!

* The friendship and help of Felicia Carparelli and Kieran McMullen, fellow writers.

* Facebook, Blogs and Twitter, which make connecting with Sherlockians and readers around the world so much easier. My first meeting with the delightful Jaime Mahoney of Better Holmes & Gardens was facilitated by Twitter!

* Blogs that have linked to me or mentioned me by name, especially always1895, Better Holmes and Gardens, and Baker Street Babes.

* Curly of the Baker Street Babes for interviewing me on podcast #10.

* The opportunity to write mystery novels and see them published, which has been a dream of mine almost as long as I can remember.
And I have a whole different list of personal things to be thankful for. What a Thanksgiving!

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  1. Aw, I think you're delightful too! It was wonderful meeting both you and Ann, and Kieran, at Gillette to Brett. It's always wonderful when the authors I admire from afar turn out to be fantastic people in real life, as well! I can't wait to see you all again!