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Monday, September 10, 2012

Young Sherlock Holmes . . . Fans

Vincent and Amelia Andriacco, budding Sherlockians
My wife and I recently gave our grandson Vince a book of Sherlock Holmes stories adapted for young readers. I've never favored such adaptations in principle, but Vince reads so well that I wanted to start him on Holmes -- and yet he is not up to Canon level.

This got me to thinking about what other Holmes-related books would be good for young readers. Unfortunately, this is not a well-developed section of my library. I could only think of a few:
  • Basil of Baker Street and its sequels, by Eve Titus.
  • The Case of the Baker Street Irregular and its sequels, by Robert Newman
  • Encyclopedia Brown series, by Donald J. Sobol
  • Freddy the Detective, by Walter R. Brooks
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars: The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas and sequels, by Tracy Mack and Michael Citrin. 
  • Sherlock Hound and the Case of the Foul Smell and others
Recently our son Mike gave us a copy of The 100-Year-Old Secret, the first volume in The Sherlock Files series. The series recounts the modern-day adventures of a boy and girl who are descendents of Sherlock Holmes. It looks promising and our son thought it was OK. I'll report more later.

What are your favorite Holmes-related books for young readers? 

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