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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sherlock at Home

One corner of my library, with a small cabinet housing Holmes memorabilia

It wouldn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that somebody who lives at our house has a bit of a thing for the Great Detective. Not even including the books that line one wall of my little library, there's an amazing variety of Holmes memorabilia on display:
  • A ceramic oval address plate for 221B Baker Street, acquired during our brief 2004 trip to London;
  • A framed color drawing of the outside of that famous house, from the same journey;
  • An original framed color drawing -- fan art -- of Holmes, Watson, and Moriarty as portrayed in "Star Trek, The Next Generation;"
  • A pub sign for The Sherlock Holmes Pub on Northumberland Street, London, which Ann bought me for Christmas as an after-the-fact souvenir of our 2012 vacation;
  • A wall-hanging of that pub, which a late friend of ours brought back years ago as a present;
  • A wall-hanging of The Hound of the Baskervilles;   
  • A small cabinet hung on the wall, with a silhouette of Holmes etched on the outside and a variety of small items (little statues, a deck of cards, etc.) on the inside;
  • A frame containing small renditions of four Sherlock Holmes movie posters featuring different actors;
  • A Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson switch plate on the light switch;
  • Four framed knitted designs symbolizing the four Holmes novels. 
Those are just in the library. In the living room, we have "The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Map" of England, spotting the locations of all the stories, plus wall-mounted plaster busts of Holmes, Watson, and Moriarty. On the wall to the upstairs we have a poster from a Sherlock Holmes play called "The Ebony Ape," which we saw premiered in Louisville in some previous decade.

Several of these items could be an entire blog post. Perhaps some day they will be!

What's on your wall?  

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