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Saturday, May 25, 2013

My new Jeff Cody - Lynda Teal short story went live this week as an e-story. Fair warning: This story will also be a bonus at the end of the next novel in the series, The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore. And it is a short story, a little over 20 pages. That didn't seem to at all bother the author of the first Amazon review, who called it "A Scrumptious Appetizer" in this review posted yesterday:

"This light-hearted tale is a short side trip along the way in the Sebastian McCabe/Jeff Cody mystery series. If you haven't read any of these yet, I highly recommend them. They're a lot of fun. The first book in the series is called No Police Like Holmes.

"'The Adventure of the Vatican Cameos,' subtitled 'Lynda Teal's Own Case,' takes place in Italy, at the beginning of Lynda's honeymoon with Jeff Cody. "Vatican Cameos" is actually the title of an Untold Tale by John Watson. Instead of writing an actual pastiche for Holmes and Watson, author Dan Andriacco has given the story to Lynda and Jeff.

"The theft of a cameo right off her neck puts Lynda on the trail of corruption and murder. Narrated by Lynda herself, this is the story of how she is able to quickly solve a murder by keeping something about her latest reading choice from her brand-new husband!

"This appealing short story definitely whetted my appetite for what is coming next, a full-length book about Lynda and Jeff meeting Sebastian McCabe and his wife in London for a literary debate/murder, The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore. I sincerely hope it will be coming out for the kindle very shortly, because this short story definitely fulfills the adage: Always leave them wanting more!"

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