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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Sherlock Holmes Monster Mash-Up

Is that the monster Holmes is facing in this image from the website?
For just 3,000 euros you can be a murder victim – in a movie called Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein!

French filmmaker Gautier Cazenave is trying to raise 25,000 euros and is 20 percent there. As is crowdfunding custom, he is offering a variety of incentives for those who kick in to support the project, ranging from a “thank you” for 1 euro to a full producer credit for 10,000. You can find them all on the website.

Mashups of Holmes vs. Dracula and Holmes vs. jack the Ripper have been done to death (so to speak), but Holmes vs. Frankenstein is relatively unplowed ground. The crowdsourcing website calls it “a sophisticated gothic mystery movie, with witty dialogue, good old-fashioned action sequences, a bit of romance, and yes, a monster.”

And more: “Filming will take place in Belgium, near the German border. There is a beautiful castle there, by the name of Reinhardstein, and extensive location scouting has already been done in the area surrounding it.”

Actors are already lined up, notably Shane Briant, who was Peter Cushing's assistant Simon Helder in Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell. He plays the same character, or one of the same name, in this film. The most intriguing name on the cast list, at least to me, is Clement von Franckenstein, “who happens to be the real Baron and has been an actor for the last 40 years or so.”

Eight actors are identified, along with the parts they play, but apparently Sherlock Holmes has not been cast. Maybe if you contribute enough money . . .

 This has the potential to be a fun movie. I hope the project makes it to the finished line.

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