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Monday, September 17, 2012

Enter My Contest, Win a Book!

The 1895 Murder, though far from the last of my Sebastian McCabe - Jeff Cody mysteries, does mark a watershed event in the series. To celebrate, I'm giving away five inscribed copies to the winners of a quiz.

As readers of Holmes Sweet Holmes might surmise, a major subplot in this sequel concerns a wedding. Accordingly, the quiz is about weddings in the Sherlock Holmes stories. It was created by Paul D. Herbert, BSI, to mark his wedding to Barbara Ann Morgan in 1984. Founder and Official Secretary of the Tankerville Club in Cincinnati, Paul is also a quizmaster extraordinaire, as you will see.

With his kind permission, his wedding quiz is reprinted below, with only question #20 altered.

Mr. Matt Laffey, proprietor of the always1895.net blog, has appropriately agreed to be the official judge of this quiz to award copies of The 1895 Murder. Please e-mail your responses to him at always1895@gmail.com  by the deadline of Friday, Oct. 19. You may have your prize before the official publication day of Nov. 1.

Good luck with the quiz. Here it is:


1.      Who went to St. Saviour’s, near King’s Cross, to be married?
2.      What man died immediately after seeing his wife’s wedding ring?
3.      What marriage ceremony was held in a bowling-alley?
4.      Who was an uninvited guest at a wedding breakfast?
5.      Who wore a sovereign on his watch-chain in memory of a wedding?
6.      What bride received a mutilated photograph of herself on her wedding morning?
7.      What were Sherlock Holmes’s exact words when Dr. Watson first told him of his engagement to Mary Morstan?
8.      St. George’s, Hanover Square, was the site of what marriage ceremony?
9.      What wedding resulted in the bride and groom going their separate ways as they left the church?
10.  Whose marriage was signified by the presence of flags on Endowment House?
11.  Who was the witness at Birdy Edwards’s first marriage?
12.  What information was omitted from the newspaper article entitled “Singular Occurrence at a Fashionable Wedding”?
13.  Irene Adler and Godfrey Norton were married in what church?
14.  What groom held a riding crop in his hand during the wedding ceremony?
15.  Identify the circumstances of these quotes:
      “You’ll be interested to hear I’m engaged.”
      “My dear fellow! I congrat—”            
16.  Whose wedding breakfast was scheduled for the St. Pancras Hotel?
17.  What wedding had two grooms at the altar at the same time?
18.  In only one wedding was a handkerchief mentioned. What was it being used for?
19.  Dr. Watson used a double-entendre when he described Hatty Doran’s wedding-dress. What was it?
20.  What Canonical story title is not suitable for Jeff Cody after his wedding?

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