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Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Things About Me

A great restaurant in Rome. See #7

Last week my friend Kathleen Kaska tagged me on her Birds and Books blog. The tag was a challenge to post "7 Things About Me" and nominate seven people to carry it on. So, here are seven things about me that I hope you will find of interest.
  1. My doctorate degree in ministry was granted by a Presbyterian seminary, although I've never been an ordained minister or a Presbyterian. 
  2. College has fond memories for me -- that's where I learned to tie a bow-tie.
  3. Through years of study I learned to speak, read, and write Italian passably well and was three years into German when I stopped studying two years and four books ago to write mysteries.
  4. For almost 24 years I was a reporter and editor for a now-defunct daily newspaper. Hence, I often call myself a recovering journalist.
  5. One of my ancestors was Lizzie Borden. I have no interest in her or in genealogy. 
  6. Although I've never lived in a small town, I love visiting them. That's where the small-town feel of my Sebastian McCabe - Jeff Cody novels comes from.
  7. Rome is my favorite city next to the one I live in, Cincinnati, Ohio. Both are built on seven hills.
Now for my tags.  (I didn’t check with everyone first, so please just ignore me if you don’t have time for this or it doesn't fit with the feel of your blog.)
Link back to the person who nominated you.
List 7 Things about yourself. Can be anything you want.
Nominate 7 other people.
I nominate:
Felicia Carparelli
Leah Guinn
Matt Laffey
Jaime Mahoney
Kieran McMullen
David Ruffle
Amy Thomas

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  1. And I thought I knew you, but the Lizzy Borden connection was a big surprise.