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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Adventure of the Illustrious Clients

Ann and I spent an amazing Saturday evening in Indianapolis, where I addressed a regular meeting of the Illustrious Clients on the subject of Indiana native Rex Stout and Sherlock Holmes.

This group is one of the earliest scion societies of the Baker Street Irregulars, founded in 1946 -- just 12 years after the BSI itself. Pioneering Sherlockian Vincent Starrett wrote about the group often in his Books Alive column. Illustrious indeed!

In subsequent postings, I will share some of what I talked about after dinner, but at this point my thoughts turn to the universality of Sherlockian camaraderie and how it brings people together. I've had the joy of speaking to many Sherlockian gatherings and always enjoyed being with so many like-minded folks.

This time we had the special privilege of being the house guest of Don Curtis, BSI. I don't know his official title, but he's the leader of the Clients. Every room in Don's house has two things: books, and Sherlock Holmes. Never have I felt so at home! Quite a few items in both categories are in our home as well.

The dinner itself was was a wonderful opportunity to renew acquaintances with veteran Sherlockians Mike Whalen, BSI, Meredith Granger, and Pat Ward. I'd met them all many years ago. And I met for the first time in person Ann Margaret Lewis, whose Murder in the Vatican: The Church Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes is not to be missed, and many other fine people.

For the coup de grace, Ann was asked to read Starrett's classic poem "221B" to cap what was for me a magic evening.

What are your favorite memories of a Sherlock Holmes meeting?

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