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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Want a Free Book?

I recently came into possession of what I think is a rather nice Bantam paperback edition of The Hound of the Baskervilles from March 1949. That makes it exactly 64 years old.

The cover, as you can see, is delightfully lurid. So is the prose on the back cover:
Devil or animal, demon or dog, what was it that came out of the swamp by night to spread superstitious horror and violent murder?
Find the answer, in a midnight chase across the terror-ridden more, with

It turns out that I already have this edition in my library. I'd like to give away the duplicate to a reader of my Sebastian McCabe - Jeff Cody mystery novels. I will mail it to the first person to e-mail, Direct Message on Facebook, or text with the answer to this simple question: What kind of car does Jeff Cody own?

I'm looking for the color, make, and model. Those details are mentioned several times in the series, although Jeff hardly ever drives the vehicle. Good luck!


  1. Hi Dan,

    Can I get a confirmation that the back panel of this classic edition of Hound actually has the words "swamp" and "more"? If so I so want a copy for my own collection - and that's ignoring the eyebrow raising cover.

  2. Swamp yes, "more" no. That was my mistake. The book correctly has "moor." Sorry!