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Monday, August 12, 2013

Portugal Checks In

One of Sebastian McCabe, Jeff Cody, and Lynda Teal's biggest fans is Nuno Robles, an ardent Sherlockian in Lisbon, Portugal. His strong devotion to the series is humbling to me. I'm always eager to see what he thinks of each new book, and to share that with you. Here's his review of The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore, posted on Amazon UK.

This new volume of the McCabe and Cody series is a triumph. It was a great experience to take Jeff, Mac, Lynda and friends with me and my family for our short (but sweet) holidays. After reading and enjoying the previous adventures, they’re like family anyway. This new adventure takes place in London, which is a very nice touch from the author. I loved the Erin stories (where the other books took place) and I can imagine the place in my head already, but London is a special city to me that I know very well....and I can almost follow each step of our heroes’ journey through the city.

And it’s fitting –although certainly not a coincidence – that the author, just like Watson in the days around 1895, focused a great deal of our attention both on the most important meal of the day - breakfast - and London’s weather. Breakfast is probably the most mentioned meal of the Canon. And the foggy, rainy (although not always) London’s Weather is, to me, an important part of the canon’s magic. It's great to read about both for the London of the 21st Century.

As always, I loved and laughed with Andriacco’s humor (or humour...) and with Jeff Cody's (the narrator) hidden thoughts, always in italics in the book. I love those! An essential part of each chapter of these series, in my opinion. I also silently laughed when Dan Andriacco mentions a recently published pastiche, Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels. It’s a nice and lovely detail and it surely helps to put ourselves in our heroes’ shoes. We know those books and we know those streets...and it feels great!

The story is amazing. I must confess that I didn’t see the end coming. I think that the Professor’s diary in the end of almost each chapter is a great idea and it’s a page turner, that’s for sure. This is, I think, the best story yet. As always, very well written and with subtle references that makes each new book a delight for me.

And the best part of it is in the end. Dan Andriacco has invented a Moriarty for the 21st Century, which is, in itself, quite a challenge for all Sherlockians. With previous books of the series, the suspense always grew from chapter to chapter. Now, we find ourselves waiting for the next book....it should be out soon (please)!!

One final point. It’s great to see that Lynda (THE Woman of Andriacco's novels) is, with each book, increasing her presence in the stories.

In my opinion, this is the best book of the series until now. Quite an achievement, since I loved all the previous books of Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody adventures.

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