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Monday, September 2, 2013

Everything I Need to Know

Happy Labor Day!

I'll be spending part of the day visiting Gethsemani Abbey and one or two bourbon distilleries in that part of Kentucky. This puts me in mind of the Kentucky scenes in The 1895 Murder, as well as Lynda Teal's affection for America's native spirit.

On Friday I had the chance to introduce Sebastian McCabe, Jeff Cody, and Lynda Teal to a few new readers (see photo) at the Oakwood (Ohio) Rotary Club. My primary mission, though, was to deliver a talk called "Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Sherlock Holmes: Life Lessons From the Great Detective." I especially enjoyed the Q&A session that followed.

So what are the ten life lessons to be learned from the Master?

#1: Don’t waste time on the impossible, but first be sure you know  what’s impossible.
#2: Pay attention to what’s missing in a situation, as well as to what’s there. 
#3: Don’t judge by appearances.
#4: Other people do judge by appearances, so . . . perception is everything. 
#5: Logical thinking will separate you from the herd.
#6: Get all the facts before you make up your mind. 
#7: Continuing education is a life-long project.
#8: Life really is stranger than fiction . . . and even fictional characters know it.
#9: The difficulties of life constitute a mystery that even Sherlock Holmes can’t solve.
#10. Remember the flowers – and what they represent.

I illustrated each of these points with a quote from Sherlock Holmes. Here's a little test for Sherlockians. Can you identify the quote for each? Or at least the story in which it appeared? I await your response! 

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