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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The John H. Watson Society Has Big Plans

The John H. Watson Society, not yet a year old, continues to stimulate the world of Sherlockiana with innovative ventures. 

My sources tell me that sometime soon the JHWS will be announcing invitations to the First International Canonical Treasure Hunt. This will be the first time Sherlock Holmes societies from around the world will be invited to compete in what is likely to be the most difficult Canonical Quiz ever devised.

I’m told that the mega-quiz will consist of 200 questions requiring in-depth knowledge of the Canon and the printed scholarship of the last 75 years. It will be conducted over a one-month period sometime in 2014. 

As host society, the JHWS will invite teams from the Baker Street Irregulars, the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, the Société Sherlock Holmes de France, the Sherlock Holmes Society of India, the Toronto Bookmakers, the Sherlock Holmes Society of Japan, the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, and other international and U.S. scions who desire to field a crack teams of Sherlockian/Watsonian scholars to compete for world honors.

The prize will be an engraved crystal claret jug that will travel from winning scion to winning scion. It is undecided at this point whether the JHWS will field its own team or will remain neutral and simply host the event.

Discussions are still under way with the other groups to make all of this happen, but it’s an exciting prospect.

Meanwhile, the JHWS is hosting weekly, month, and quarterly quizzes, and last August hosted the first annual John H. Watson Treasure Hunt. Not a member yet? Checkout the website!

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