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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Watsonian Does It Again

The second issue of The Watsonian looks the same as the first, and it even better

The first issue of The Watsonian, official journal of the John H.Watson Society, set a high standard of quality when it was published last year. The second issue raises the bar.

Once again the 172-page journal is packed with interesting and informative articles. This time the wow-factor is enhanced by numerous full-color photos that actually illustrate and not just decorate.

One of the strengths of the journal is the wide range of topics in the 24 articles (not counting quiz answers, John H. Watson Society reports, and a letter from the editor). You are likely to find something within these pages to appeal to your Sherlockian / Watsonian tastes. My own favorites include:
  • "Recreating 221B," Denny Dobry's survey of recreations, including a well-illustrated description of his own.
  • "l Am / Am Not Watson," Bonnie MacBird's short but interesting reflection on how she is similar to but also different from the Good Doctor. (For the record, "MacBird" is the correct spelling, not what appears in the journal.)  
  • "Watson's Club," Molly Carr's investigation of where the doctor hung his hat while not at 221B or with Mrs. Watson.
  • "The Younger Watson," Roger Johnson's meticulous account of what the Canon actually tells us and what can be deduced from the text about the pre-Holmes Watson - and what can only be pure speculation.
Other articles hold forth on collecting, Charlie Chaplin on stage as Billy the Page, Watson's tobacco, the secrets of St. Bart's, a defense of the swamp adder, new takes on Stapleton and on the Musgrave Ritual, and much more. And all of this comes twice a year with membership in the John H. Watson Society!  

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