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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Post-Election Lift from a Friend in India

It’s the day after Election Day in the United States. Chances are you may be feeling some strong emotions. Fortunately, Meghashyam Chirravoori of SherlockHolmes-Fan.com has created a cool Sherlock Holmes emoji app on Android and iOS called “Sherlockoji.” 

Meghashyam, of New Delhi, India, sent me this description:  

“This app lets you share cute Sherlock Holmes themed emoji stickers when you're sad, happy, angry, bored, etc. You can also share interesting objects from the stories like Sherlock Holmes’s lens, the five orange pips, footprints, the symbol ‘RACHE’ and more fun stuff.

“The app with 65+ emojis is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play. The premium version with 200+ emojis is available as an in-app purchase.”

You can check it out here:

And while you’re at it, check out SherlockHolmes-Fan.com. It’s a great site.

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