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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Best Holmes? That's Debatable

One of the great things about being a Sherlockian is that you are in good company.

That holds true in many senses of the phrase. Right now, I’m thinking of how cool it is to be part of the “Great Sherlock Holmes Debate” with so many friends at Undershaw, former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and now a special school called Stepping Stones on Saturday, May 25.

But I won’t be in Sussex that day, or in West Palm Beach, where the 15 artists of The Art of Sherlock Holmes will be unveiling their creations as part of the event. I’ll debating virtually the topic: “Have we Gone Too Far?”

Some of the many incarnations of Holmes (and Watson) are relatively faithful to the Canon. Others have barely a nodding acquaintance. In one slide and 90 seconds, I will assert that – despite some underwhelming scripts – Basil Rathbone’s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes in 14 films did not go too far. Quite the contrary.

The lineup of debaters is amazing. In no particular order, the adaptations and their defenders include (besides me): Jeremy Brett – Bonnie MacBird; Douglas Wilmer (TV) – Catherine Cooke; BBC Sherlock – Jayantika Ganguly; Robert Downey Jr. – Mary Platt; Elementary – Richard T. Ryanj; The Hound of the Baskervilles (Hammer film) – Steven Philip Jones; Young Sherlock Holmes (film) – Amy Thomas; The Great Mouse Detective – Paul Hiscock; Miss Sherlock (Japanese TV) – Derrick Belanger; The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes – Janina Woods; Asylum (film) – Lyndsay Faye; Denis Smith (pastiches) – David Marcum; Holmes and Watson (film – yes, that film) – Mattias Boström; Kareem Abdul Jabar (pastiches) – Lenny Picker.

One hundred guests will take part in person, with another 400 tickets for Sherlockians to join online from anywhere around the world. Online fans will be able to join in the debate by live chat.

Get more details at Eventbrite.  

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