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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A Cool Gift, but Should I Open It?

Although I’m not a collector, I have some cool Sherlockiana. Case in point: This recent birthday present from our oldest son – a 9-inch action figure of Star Trek TNG’s Lt. Commander Data as Sherlock Holmes!

Who could ever forget those two episodes in which our favorite android dons the deerstalker and pipe and enters the holodeck, where it is 1895, to do battle with You Know Whom?

But with this great gift comes a great conundrum: To open or not to open? Data/Holmes has never been out of his box. My inclination is to leave it that way. But his deerstalker has fallen off and lies at his feet. My challenge is:  

Do I open the box, set the hat in place, and reseal the box?

Do I open the box, set the hat in place, and remove the figure from the box for display in my library or living room?

Do I leave the box as is and impress Sherlockian visitors with my incredible self-control?

Give me your vote, dear reader. What would you do?

Back of the box 


  1. Dan, you say you're not a collector. Your son gave you a present. Rather than store it away and let the dust gather, show him you are enjoying it by displaying it where you can see it daily, show it to others, and appreciate it in a manner he can see, too. Surely showing your son how much you enjoy it is worth more than an unopened package.

  2. I removed both him and Geordi as Dr. Watson from their boxes and made a nice box frame piece, along with their autographs (which I now believe is in Lynsey Faye's possession). So I'd vote for restoring the deerstalker to his head in a new display.