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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

45 Years of Sherlockian Fun and Counting

Mike McSwiggin, BSI, auctioneer extraordinaire, on the job 

The Tankerville Club of Cincinnati, which I am fortunate to lead as Most Scandalous Member, celebrated its 45th anniversary in grand style on Friday at the quarterly dinner meeting. A possible record-high of 40 attended.

Among those present were members who have been part of the club almost as long as I have (41 years next month), two Tankervillians attending their first meeting, and four out-of-town guests – including the fabulous Fabienne Courouge, who came all the way from Paris (France, not Kentucky or Tennessee).

An auction, featuring books and a beautiful goblet fashioned by Fabienne, was especially spirited and competitive. Another highlight of the meeting was the enthusiastic singing of Sherlockian carols, led by trained singer Ann Margaret Lewis, BSI (“The Polyphonic Motets of Lassus”). We also enjoyed toasts, Sherlockian show-and-tell, quiz, and a discussion of “Silver Blaze.”

A number of us made our way to Indianapolis the next day for the epic 75th anniversary meeting of the Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis (Fabienne’s real reason for being in the United States).

The Baker Street Irregulars only meet once a year. The rest of the time, Sherlockians are to be found gathering in scion societies. If there is one near you (or even not so near but reachable), join it. If there isn’t, start one. That’s what Paul D. Herbert did 45 years ago, which we celebrated last Friday.

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