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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Look What Popped Up! Holmes-in-the-Box

When you have a passion for something, kind people tend to give you things. A large percentage of my library and almost all of my keepsakes related to Sherlock Holmes were gifts.

Among the latest non-book items was what I call a Holmes-in-the-Box, a present from my wife, Ann.  A few weeks ago, a Sherlockian visitor from another state saw it and said, “I have one of those.” Doesn’t everybody?

The Tankerville Club of Cincinnati, our local scion, has made “Sherlockian Show & Tell” a part of every meeting. I really look forward to the amazing variety of tchotchkes our members bring in to display. Our March meeting included a Legos reconstruction of 221B, a doll portraying Sherlock Holmes as a badger, and a Holmes story in the form of one the world’s tiniest books.

What’s on your shelf or in your closet that’s Sherlockian, but not a book?


  1. I have a set of bookends, Holmes and Watson bending over, Holmes with a lens inspecting a clue and Watson reading a book. The set was recommended to me by John Bennett Shaw. It was the first contact we had with him, way back in 1984.