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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Young Sherlockians: Beacons of the Future


Ryan Roley and Carolyn Senter

Ira Matetsky, Sherlockian and Wolfean, made an interesting point about the difference between the world of Sherlock Holmes devotees and the counterpart fandom devoted to twentieth century American sleuth Nero Wolfe.

Interviewed by Steve Doyle on The Fortnightly Dispatch YouTube program from the Baker Street Irregulars, Ira pointed out that Wolfeans tend to skew older in age and their numbers are not being replenished, whereas admirers of Mr. Sherlock Holmes come in all generations and their numbers continue to grow.

Ann and I met an enthusiastic young Sherlockian on Tuesday, April 26, when we and Carolyn Senter presented Ryan Foley with a plaque commemorating his second-place finish in the 7th-9th grade category of the R. Joe Senter Sr. Memorial Essay Contest. Most of the plaques were mailed out, but Ryan’s school is just a few minutes from our home. So the presentation took place front of the entire eighth grade at St. Ignatius School, the large elementary school in the state of Ohio.

The essay contest, funded by Carolyn Senter in honor of her late husband and administered by the Beacon Society, offers cash prizes of $300, $200, and $100 in the 4th-6th, 7th-9th and 10th-12th grade categories. I chair the Beacon Society’s Awards Committee, although my four stellar committee members do all the work.

Ryan’s essay compared and contrasted Holmes and Watson, primarily in “The Red-Headed League.” You can read it and all the other winning essays at: https://www.beaconsociety.com/uploads/3/7/3/8/37380505/2022_senter_essay_award_winners_--_essays.pdf

The Senter Contest is just one way the Beacon Society strives to bring the magic of Sherlock Holmes alive for young people. Learn more about this lively scion society at: https://www.beaconsociety.com/

Deadline for next year’s contest is far way, but not too far to start thinking about young people you know who might be interested in the chance to win a cash prize. This could be their gateway to that wonderful world where it is always 1895.


  1. A terrific reminder about the impact of the Senter Contest!

  2. Please see our youngest Nashville Scholars here. It is so important that we encourage new membership, as someone did for us long ago. https://www.nashvillescholars.com/member-page/#jrsh