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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Friendship is What It's All About

Linda Crohn, Jonathan Shimberg, and Bob Sharfman -- Sherlockians all

At the heart of the Canon, more than any mystery, is the friendship of Holmes and Watson.

Christopher Morley recognized that in 1944 when he titled his ground-breaking annotated anthology Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: A Textbook of Friendship.

Being a Sherlockian is also largely about friendship. As with any interest, Holmes brings together individuals who otherwise may have never met, and that often leads to bonds that transcend distance, politics, religion, and even sports.

Last weekend, Ann and I were pleased to welcome to Cincinnati three of our Sherlockian friends from Chicago. Linda Crohn, Jonathan Shimberg, and Bob Sharfman made the trek from the Windy City to attend a meeting of the Tankerville Club that evening, then go west the next day for the Illustrious Clients confab.

We had a grand time, highlighted perhaps by introducing the Chicagoans (and Cindy Brown of Dallas and Columbus) to the Cincinnati taste treat known and goetta. You can’t get it anywhere else, but Cincinnatians eat a million pounds of it a year (no exaggeration).

If you don’t belong to a Sherlockian scion society, join one. If there isn’t one near you, go to one that’s not near you—then start one near you!

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