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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Wide World of Sherlock Holmes

Last week turned out to be International Week here at Baker Street Beat as I interviewed my Italian and Polish translators and Mattias Boström, author of a new book on Sherlock Holmes in Swedish. This set me to thinking about the Holmes books in my library in languages other than English:

  • Mattias's bookFrån Holmes till Sherlock ("From Holmes to Sherlock" in English), is the most recent. It's a kind gift of the author.
  • Tutto Sherlock Holmes, the complete Holmes in Italian, I asked a friend living in Rome to pick up for me. I read and speak Italian, although not as well as most of my Italian friends do English.
  • Il Mastino dei Baskerville. I have two paperback editions of The Hound of the Baskervilles in Italian. They are different translations, and the comparisons and contrasts are fascinating.
  • Die Abenteuer von Sherlock Holmes / Die Memoiren von Sherlock Holmes. This omnibus volume of the first two books of Holmes short stories has a special fondness for me because I bought it at Meiringen, Swizerland, during a never-to-be-forgotten trip to the Reichenbach Falls.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Detektivkomödie in vier Aufzügen, a comic play in German by Ferdinand Bonn, which I wrote about a couple of years ago. 
That isn't a lot, not even as a percentage of my small library. But it does remind me that that world of Sherlock Holmes is a wide world indeed.

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