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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Most Interesting Fellow

Dan Andriacco and Ken Ramsey

Sherlockians are such interesting people.

The latest example of that to come into my life is Ken Ramsey, of Batavia, IL, in Chicagoland. Although Ken has been reading Sherlock Holmes for years he has never joined a society. He says he's sure he would be embarrassed by his lack of knowledge compared to the others. That line of thinking is always a capital mistake - almost as bad as theorizing before one has all the facts.

Ken has lived an adventurous life by anyone's standard:

He was in the U.S. Army for 41, rising through the ranks to retire as Chief Warrant Officer 4.  He served in Viet Nam and Desert Storm with 10 years at the Pentagon and ten years teaching at the U.S. Army Intelligence School.  During that same time, he also served 35 years in law enforcement, ending with 12 years as the Sheriff of Kane County, and as International President of the FBI NA Association, the largest professional police association in the world. 

“I have served in combat and seen the horrors of war first hand,” Ken says. “I have pulled people from burning cars.  I have taken life, saved life, and brought life into this world.  I have even died once.” He was also the subject of three assassination attempts. 

And on September 27, Kenneth R. Ramsey Sr. will be ordained a deacon of the Roman Catholic Church - a most interesting fellow indeed.

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