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Friday, August 1, 2014

"Out of the Park"

I'm amazed and honored by Hollywood screenwriter Bonnie MacBird's comments about my upcoming collection of Sebastian McCabe - Jeff Cody novellas and short stories, which will be published in September. Here's what she said:. 

Dan Andriacco hits it out of the park with Rogues Gallery, a collection of short mystery stories featuring the two unlikely brothers-in-law and modern day Holmes and Watson of Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody.  Narrator Cody is a sardonic, witty newlywed everyman while McCabe (rotund in the tradition of Nero Wolfe) is an avid, oddball Sherlockian with formidable powers of his own.

Andriacco’s distinctive tone delights – in a similar manner to the brilliant M.C.Beaton – with his combination of cozy, small town detail and hilarious and pointed observations of its denizens.

The cozy elements are all in the settings, here including an all-female art show,  Christmas and Halloween parties, college politics and the developing relations of Cody and his new bride as they navigate newlywed issues.  But unlike many mysteries with cozy elements, Andriacco’s plots are masterful.

Like a skilled close-up magician, Andriacco lulls you into what appears to be quiet Midwestern sense of normalcy, only to turn up an ace from his sleeve with a murderous surprise. You’re in the hands of a master of mystery plotting here.  Rogues Gallery is a delightful read, hard to put down, and highly recommended.  And did I say fun? 

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