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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful for Readers and Sherlockians

One of my fun field trips this year was with the Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis 
With Thanksgiving Day coming tomorrow here in the United States, I find that as usual I have more to be thankful than I could ever name. For the purposes of this blog, however, this year I am grateful for:
  • The time and money to pursue my interest in Sherlock Holmes and, importantly, other people who are interested in Sherlock Holmes.
  • The internet, which has made it possible to connect with Sherlockians and mystery fans literally all over the world.
  • Local Sherlock Holmes scion societies and conferences, through which I’ve met so many great people in person. (You know who you are!)
  • My readers, especially those who have been kind enough read my Sebastian McCabe – Jeff Cody mystery novels and ask for me.
  • E-books, which have been a blessing to me as a reader and as a writer (given that so many of my book sales are in this format.)
  • The fun of writing or co-writing 10 books and many articles over the past five years – which wasn’t even on the horizon on Thanksgiving 2010.
  • The 2017 BSI & FriendsWeekend, which I will be attending in January for the first time.
  •  All the same things I was grateful for in 2015 and 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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