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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Gobble This: I'm Thankful for Sherlockians

Even with a blog format that can go as long as I want, I don’t have room for everything I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, and every Thanksgiving. High on that list, however, is the ability to again gather in person with the lovable lunatics of the Sherlockian community.   

It’s common to speak of “my home scion.” But I’ve felt at home at every Sherlockian scion meeting I’ve ever attended, from Chicago to Washington, D.C. The most recent case in point was the 33rd anniversary meeting of the Ribston-Pippins in Warren, MI, ably presided over by founder Regina Stinson.

Steve Doyle argued that Professor Moriarty really is a master criminal, Roy Pilot talked about the serendipity that led to him acquiring some remarkable Sherlockian artifacts for his collection, Chris Music facilitated a discussion of “The Man with the Twisted Lip,” and Scott Monty was Scott Monty.

Throw in a Sherlockian Show-and-Tell and some toasts, and it had all the elements of most scion society dinner meetings, plus an anniversary cake. But every scion is slightly different in its traditions, and very different in the most important element of all – the people. If you are a Sherlockian, you should be involved in the scion closest to you, or most congenial to you, and visit others when you can.  

John Bennet Shaw famously said that the only thing necessary for a Sherlockian meeting is two Sherlockians and a bottle – and in an emergency, you can do without one of the Sherlockians. I think he was wrong about that. You need the people. And I’m grateful for them this Thanksgiving week.

The Ribston-Pippins 33rd Anniversary Dinner


  1. It was a really fun meeting and I'm grateful that you and Ann were there to share in the festivities!