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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Shades of Conan Doyle in Cincinnati!

Medium Laura Pruden's home, since torn down

The next meeting of the Tankerville Club of Cincinnati will take place at a Mexican restaurant just two blocks from where Arthur Conan Doyle (you’ve heard of him?) apparently met with a medium in 1923.

The medium’s name was Laura A. Pruden. Conan Doyle encountered her in 1922 in Chicago and then again the following April during a visit to what he called “the great city of Cincinnati.” In his book, Our Second American Adventure, he reports:  

“I visited Mrs. Pruden, who is certainly one of the great mediums of the world. Her slate-writing performance was even more remarkable than that which she gave me last year. All the questions which I wrote down were duly answered between the closed slates, and a running fire of raps was kept up all the time. Finally we asked her to sit at the other side of the room, but the raps continued merrily in full light right under our hands as they lay upon the table. What say you to that, Mr. Sceptic?”

Read the whole chapter at:


There is also an account by my friend Jeff Suess in the second issue of the graphic novel series Cincinnati’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Check that out at https://cincycuriosities.com/

Conan Doyle doesn’t specifically say he met the psychic at her home, but that is the inference. She lived at 911 Chateau, in what has become known as Cincinnati’s Incline District. The family sold the property upon Mrs. Pruden’s death in 1939, and the home was torn down in 2010. But surely her spirit remains.

(Thanks for Ann Brauer Andriacco and Jeff Suess for their help on this.) 

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