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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Registration Open for Dayton Symposium

Holmes, Doyle, & Friends 2021B (March 2022)  
Quick, Watson—the registration form!

Even though we are in the cold and dreary winter, you can register now for the Holmes, Doyle & Friends:2023 seminar which takes place in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday, March 25 (with a reception the evening before). Why wait till the last minute? There’s a discount if you register by Feb. 25.

Vendors also get a discount rate, and it’s especially important for vendors to register soon—tables sold out early last year.

What is sometimes called simply “the Dayton symposium” has its roots in the “Homing in on Holmes” seminar that began in 1981 under the leadership of the late Dr. Al Rodin, sponsored jointly by Wright State and nearby Central State Universities. The conference has had other names and various sponsors in the decades since.

The Agra Treasurers, the Dayton-based scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, has been putting on the symposium under the HD&F name since 2014, with a COVID-caused Great Hiatus in 2020 and 2021. The conference roared back with strong attendance in 2022.

This year’s program is still in the works but is expected to include speakers on Sherlock Holmes in the comics, Basil Rathbone, the great collector John Bennett Shaw, the curious walking stick known as a Penang lawyer—and a performance by a professional magician.

You can register for Holmes, Doyle, & Friends HERE.

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