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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

"The Logical Successor to Sherlock Holmes"

An early reviewer called amateur sleuth Ellery Queen “the logical successor to Sherlock Holmes”—a quote often displayed on the covers of Queen books.

Many Sherlockians agree and are devotees of EQ. Among them is my own amateur sleuth, Sebastian McCabe. Mac has mentioned favorably EQ, especially in Bookmarked for Murder and Queen City Corpse, and his exploits often include the Queenian tropes of the dying message and the false solution near the end of the book before the real solution.  

Mac’s latest adventure, The English Garden Mystery, is an out-and-out homage to Queen, as I’ve written here before. More consciously than ever before, I adopted the hallmarks of the early Queen books—from the subtitle (“A Problem in Deduction”) to the “Challenge to Reader” after all the clues were presided.

So I was delighted that a Belgium-based blog devoted to EQ wrote about The English Garden Mystery. Read it at the bottom of this page of the blog. But don’t stop there. Check out the rest of this great blog as well.


  1. I've written a lot about Pons on this blog. On the far upper left of the blog page, amidst the image of books, there is a search engine signified by a magnifying glass. Put in "Solar Pons" and it will turn up some posts that might interest you. Thanks for your comment.