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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Blast from Past as Sherlockian Show & Tell

Without slighting story discussions, quizzes, or inventive toasts, one of the most fun parts of Sherlocking meetings for me is Show & Tell. And at Friday’s meeting of the Tankerville Club of Cincinnati, I showed something from my Sherlockian past.

When we were in college, several friends and I used to do Sherlockian things—usually reading stories out loud, taking parts. Perhaps some wine may have been involved. One of those friends used her considerable artistic skills to make me a set of Sherlockian playing cards for a game—to which she wrote out the instructions—based on a Charles Dickens game.

Reader, I married her.

Recently I discovered those cards at the back of a drawer. The artist, Ann Brauer Andriacco, is now the Sparking Plug of the Tankerville Club. Steve Winter, who took part in those Sherlockian shenanigans, is our Chancellor of the Exchequer, although I prefer to call him Chequers.

And yet another Sherlockian friend from college days attended Friday’s meeting—Peg Hausman, who recently reconnected with me because she is living in Bloomington, IN, where the “Sherlock Holmes in 221 Objects” is on display at the Lilly Library. Peg was, and is, a good

Sherlockian and a good friend. But until she walked into that door on Friday night, we hadn’t seen her in more than 40 years.

Sherlock Holmes brings people together—sometimes in very surprising ways. Maybe we should play that card game. 

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